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Deep Space Interview Series Presents: Alex Burroughs, Developer

Lillian Edwards - Director of Business Development
Lillian Edwards

Meet Developer, Alex Burroughs! It was so fun to sit down and talk with Alex about his journey to Deep Space Robots, how he became a software engineer, and some of his favorite things to do!

Meet Alex, Developer

The minute I log in to our video call to conduct this interview, I immediately notice the incredible pictures of wildlife Alex has sitting on his bookshelf behind him. These pictures alone are a good representation of Alex’s story and sense of adventure. Alex is a true midwest man. He was raised in Kansas City, graduated from Kansas State University, and currently resides in Wichita, Kansas. It seems as though Alex became interested in software engineering at a young age, learning how to code in middle school. It was an easy choice for him to study Computer Science in college. Alex’s plans after graduation were to work overseas with a missions organization, but like many 2020 graduates, these plans didn’t exactly come to fruition due to the pandemic.

Once I realized I wasn’t going overseas in the fall, I felt stuck. Luckily, the organization I was going to go overseas with offered me an internship to do software development work!

Let's Talk Deep Space

While working his internship, he was introduced to Rob Momary, DSR’s CEO and Founder. After seeing the work that Alex did (developing an app for the nonprofit he was working for), Rob hired Alex on the spot! In Alex’s experience working at Deep Space he loves the people, remote work culture, and the type of work that he gets to do.

It’s cool to see how I can still participate in non-profit work even though I wasn’t able to pursue it overseas.

Final Notes

When Alex isn’t working, he loves to cook and play video games that allow him to be more creative. He is involved in the young adults ministry at his church, and loves to go camping! Alex is a hard worker, and a natural leader within our team. We have loved seeing the ways in which he has grown in creativity, leadership, and confidence in his abilities. Thank you Alex for the ways you have supported our team! We are so grateful to have you on our spaceship!

If you want to learn more of the impactful work that developers like Alex do on a day to day basis, contact us at the link below! We would love to hear from you and chat more about how to increase the impact your business is creating.