Deca Dental Group Web Platform

Deca Dental Group Web Platform

DECA Dental Group is a nationwide association of dentist offices, comprised of several brands and more than 120 individual offices. We worked closely with DECA and their partners to create a stable, flexible web platform with websites for each brand and office, and a host of integrations and automations, all managed from a single Wordpress admin area.

Platform Rehab


DECA's previous platform had significant maintainability, usability, and performance issues caused by poorly optimized database structure, outdated server configuration, and inefficient code. After a comprehensive audit, we addressed each of these challenges with a ground-up rewrite, fine-tuned server provisioning, and continuous deployment automations for both production and staging servers.

Platform Metrics

Performace Optimization

Here are some high-level technical stats comparing the platform before and after the rebuild.

DB Before After
Tables 91 13
Rows 193,219 108,260
Size 80MB 12MB
Code Before After
Lines 61,646 18,535
Size 7.1MB 1.3MB
Perf Before After
Avg Page Size 1.8MB 498KB
Avg Load Time 4.1s 2.8s

Content Under Control

Information Architecture

Deca Dental’s top priority was achieving meaningful control of the platform’s content and assets. We created a custom Wordpress theme and API, providing both global and fine control for content authors, and secure integrations with Deca's partners.

Consistent User Experience

UX Analysis & UI Design

We focussed on extending DECA/'s well-established visual brand throughout the the web UI. We introduced global spacing/sizing and component-based design to maintain visual consistency. We identified 2 primary user stories (gather information, act on information), and we leveraged these to organize the content and navigation.

Next-level Editor Experience

Advanced Wordpress Theme

DECA Dental’s new platform provides all the benefits of a modern CMS, with special capabilities provided by a thoughtfully-constructed theme, and a small number of carefully chosen pro-grade plugins. This provides editors with the ability to make batch edits across all entries in a given content type, or drill down to edit a single field of a single entry.

Here's what we did for Deca Dental Group:

  • Strategy
  • Information Archtecture
  • UX Analysis & UI Design
  • 3rd-party API Integrations
  • Accessibility Accessibility Optimization
  • Performance Optimization

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