GCC Portfolio

GCC Portfolio

GCC Portfolio is an online service for creating and sending digital and print greeting cards including design, scheduling, delivery, and analytics. We architected, designed, built and maintain the technology that powers GCC. We also work closely with GCC and their clients each year to create stunning animated ecard designs.

Solid Foundation

We built GCC's API in Rails because it's stable, capable, and scalable. The API powers everything from routine day-to-day services to on-demand time-sensitive functions. This strong foundation has empowered GCC to develop new business offerings knowing that their infrastructure can handle it.

Personalized Services

Client-facing Dashboards

Over the years, we have built a suite of focussed frontend apps in Ember and React to power GCC's internal dashboards, and client-facing services. GCC specializes in customizability; these apps provide the tools to choose, personalize, and design products that artfully represent client brands, and deliver a meaningful message.

Plays well with others

3rd-party API Integrations

We integrated industry-standard tools like Sendgrid, and Wistia, to support GCC's technology. We also built integrations with HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, and many other CRMs to make it easy for clients to use GCC's services.

Artistic Partnership

Creative Visual Design

Each year, we work closely with GCC and their clients to develop custom artwork for their cards. We develop storyboards, illustrations, animations and visual compositions that bring a hand-crafted, customized sensibility to GCC's award-winning e-cards and print cards.

Here's what we did for GCC Portfolio:

  • Full-featured Business API
  • 3rd-party API Integrations
  • Client-facing Dashboards
  • Creative Visual Design

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