Pathway Tracking

Pathway Tracking

UniteLife is a mission-driven organization with a worldwide reach. We worked with UniteLife and their partner organizations to create a multi-tenant analytics platform to provide insight into the worldwide impact of their ministry.

Power Under the Hood

Large-scale Analytics Engine

In order to provide meaningful, reliable data we built an in-house analytics engine capable of scaling with our platform. Under the hood, our analytics engine utilizes MongoDB and in-memory request caching to track millions of individual data points with extreme accuracy.

Pathway Tracking Map

A World's Worth of Data

Custom Data Visualization

In addition to standard data visualization tools (charts, tables, etc.), Pathway Tracking also uses maps to show not only how many people have been reached, but also where they have been reached. Our Reporting Map can display millions of data points for high-volume metrics, while our Impact Profile Map gives every individual their own profile displaying how they’ve progressed since entering the Pathway Tracking system. Using WebGL, we can even render three-dimensional density maps combining millions of data points into a quickly-understood visualization.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Data-driven Design

Analytics isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so Pathway Tracking can be configured to meet the specific needs of UniteLife's various partners. We created a flexible configuration template to ensure that each organization can see the data the need to see, in the way that is most meaningful for them.

Plays Well with Others

3rd-Party Integrations

Pathway Tracking not only provides a custom analytics solution, but also integrates with Google and Facebook's analytics platforms. This allows UniteLife's partners to get a global view of all their data aggregated on a single platform.

Here's what we did for UniteLife:

  • Data-driven Design
  • Custom React App
  • Large-scale Analytics Engine
  • Custom Data Visualization
  • Color Filter 3rd-Party Integrations

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