Triumph Bancorp Websites

Triumph Bancorp Websites

Triumph is a values-driven financial company providing a broad range of services from community banking to commercial insurance and financing. We designed and built Triumph a custom Wordpress theme with a component library accessible in the block editor. This provides content editors with flexibility to build pages on their own, and confidence that the designs accurately represent the Triumph brand.

Globally Applied Brand Guidelines

UX Analysis & UI Design

The Infinite Agency developed strong visual guidelines for each partner in the Triumph brand. We worked with Triumph and The Infinite Agency to adapt the brand guidelines for web use with a particular focus on consistency and accessibility. These global styles provide a strong visual foundation, uniting the appearance of each partner site.

Triumph brand guidelines

Custom Component Library

Advanced Wordpress

We built Triumph a library of custom blocks for use in the Wordpress block editor. We leveraged pro-grade tools like Timber and ACF Pro to build a scalable, portable component system.

Flexible Authoring Experience


When building pages using the custom component library, content authors can be certain the end result will perform well, comply with accessibility standards, and faithfully represent the Triumph brand. Authors also have access to the default Wordpress blocks, giving them flexibility to build their own custom layouts.

Top Speed Service

Performace Optimization

Triumph provides financial and insurance services for the transportation industry and in communities across the US. Users often access Triumph's websites from remote locations, so we rigorously optimized the base theme to give users the best experience possible, even under less-than-ideal network conditions. The theme requires no 3rd-party frameworks like Bootstrap or jQuery. It's built with modern javascript and CSS, and automatically generates responsive images using webp. Nginx servers and extensive static caching further improve performance.

Here's what we did for Triumph Bancorp:

  • UX Analysis & UI Design
  • Advanced Wordpress Theme
  • 3rd-party API Integrations
  • Accessibility Accessibility Optimization
  • Performance Optimization

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